The Customized Xtreme Patriot Arrow

Precision, Detail, Affordability

Tight details are no longer a struggle
  • Customized by an Airbrush Artist
  • Shorter trigger for less hand fatigue
  • Precision Air Valve spring for micro air adjustments.
  • Greater needle aerodynamics for tighter details

“You cannot beat it for the price and Tim is very generous in the extra packaging and surprises included!”

Freddie Fuller

Airbrush Artist

“Love mine!! By far my favorite!”

Angela Klemanski

Airbrush Artist/ Educator

“Since you put me into the short trigger, it’s been a Godsend. Can’t thank you enough.”

Kevin Estes

Airbrush Artist

“My favorite airbrush”

Juan Carlos Berrio

Airbrush Artist/ University Professor

  • Each Airbrush is hand-tested for 3 hours
  • Every Customized Xtreme Patriot Arrow is hand-tested for over 3 hours
  • The customization is a result of years of painting airbrush portraits professionally
  • Amazing customer service to make sure your airbrush meets your needs.

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For Only 179.95