The Airbrush India Inks

No Dilution or Messy Mediums Needed

Your Best Art Awaits

  • Created by an airbrush artist for airbrush artists
  • Perfect for working from light to dark
  • The best product for greater control and accuracy
  • Amazing value for airbrush artists at any level


Michael Carter

Airbrush Artist Massachusetts

“The inks make a big difference! I am currently using some of Timothy’s Inks now, and they’re awesome!

Stephen Lang

Airbrush Artist United Kingdom

“Love these inks; they make life so much easier.”

  • The set includes 2 Detail Mixtures, 2 Light Mixtures, 2 Medium Mixtures and Dark Mixture
  • They are prediluted and easily poured drop by drop into your airbrush.
  • They work well on all papers, canvas, or boards
  • Developed and tested over years of painting
  • One set will last a lot longer than you can imagine

Take Your Technique to the Next Level