The Airbrush Course With You In Mind…

A Course for Airbrush Artists who want to get better control of their Airbrush and not disrupt their busy life.

Using and mastering erasers.

You will learn the secret characteristics of the airbrush, and the principles that work for you.

Is this Online Course for You?

  • This Online Course works Around Your Schedule and is as flexible as life happens.
  • You Work at Your Pace, On-Line From the Comfort of your Home.
  • You are ready Now, No Matter What Skill Level You are at.
  • You get Lifetime access to the course. Go slow, quickly, it is up to you.
  • Almost 4 hours of painting demonstration and coaching that you can enjoy over and over.
  • Instruction from an artist who studied at the Best Art Schools in New York City.
woman in grey jacket sits on bed uses grey laptop


Wouldn’t it be amazing to grow as an airbrush artist in a relaxed environment when you have downtime from life’s responsibilities?

What This Program will Teach You

  • Airbrush Control
  • The Best PSI for Painting Detail Work in Airbrush
  • What is the Best Thickness of your Paint through the Airbrush
  • Using Stencils
  • Learning to identify anatomical landmarks
  • Gain confidence in your airbrush art
  • How to identify and paint hard and soft edges

Time To Be Decisive. This is Your Moment to Feed Your Inner Airbrush Artist

What is included with your Online Course?

  • A Pencil Drawing to work with
  • Complete set of custom stencils
  • A set of my Airbrush India Inks
  • Bottle of White Mixture
  • Pastel Pencil
  • Paper Stumps
  • Sandpaper
  • Kneaded Eraser
  • Sent to you with free shipping

All for Only 149.00 This is an introductory offer with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.