Traditional Art and Our Digital Reality

I am classically trained and in my art school days, technology never came into the conversation when creating art. If the Old Masters did not use it in the 17th Century, we did not use it in the studio at art school. Fast Forward years later and now I am singing to a different, more modern, tune.

Digital Painting by Timothy John-Luke Smith

The Old Masters Used Not Because They Had Not

Michelangelo, Jan Vermeer, or Ingres, did not use the technology of today because it just did not exist. The classicists today are making the decisions for the artists of the past by saying they would have rejected the better and more efficient advances in art and technology.

Digital art is coming into its own as a bonafide art form. Digital art is just as valid as oil painting, and airbrush. As long as the work in digital is done with integrity (meaning not just cutting and pasting images and then calling it digital art); Isn’t this true with all the other more traditional mediums?

My Mentorship Training and Being Modern

That is where the training I offer comes into play. I strongly believe that we can become much better airbrush artists if we embrace the skill set of digital art and apply those skills to our more traditional work. One day, I feel that digital art will become traditional. Until then, let’s become trailblazers and not only followers. In my latest live stream, I help to show how digital art, using the same airbrush techniques can and will enhance our work.

“One must keep right on drawing; draw with your eyes when you cannot draw with a pencil.”

~ Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

There are times when we can not get to the airbrush or compressor. Some of these times may be when we are visiting someone for an extended period of time or at a dentist’s office waiting room. If we have a laptop and a digital drawing tablet, we are good to go. Check out my live stream from 07/20/22 at the bottom of this post and make up your own mind. Also, keep my Mentorship Program in mind if you want to jump into the 21st Century and make your art journey not only traditional but modern at the same time.

Learn Digital Art From Your Home to My Studio

For only 100 USD per month, you will be enrolled in my Mentorship Program. There you will learn the tools, including digital art, to take your airbrush art to levels you have only dreamt of. Don’t delay and begin your accelerated growth as an artist now.

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