Airbrush Classes Online Mentorship

What if you did not Need to Alter your life to Achieve your Artistic Goals?

Airbrush Classes Online Mentorship can help.

Portrait of Gene Tierney
by Timothy John-Luke Smith

Why Would You Love The Mentorship Program?

  • Classes Geared Around Your Schedule and flexible as life happens
  • We Work at Your Pace, On Line From My Studio to the Comfort of your Home
  • You are ready Now, No Matter What Skill Level You are at.
  • 2 hours of One on One Instruction weekly
  • 2 hours weekly of a Group Class Instruction with an Amazing Artistic Community
  • Instruction from an artist who studied at the Best Art Schools in the USA.

“Most people overestimate what they can do in a day, and underestimate what they can do in a month. ” by Matthew Kelly from the book The Long View”

For Only 149.95 per month, you will be enrolled in an art school education without leaving your home or changing your work and family schedule. That is 20 hours of elite studies in airbrush each and every month. The great thing is that you will also learn many other elements that will help you to be the artist you have always dreamt of.

What This Program will Teach You

  • Airbrush Control
  • The Best PSI for Painting Detail Work in Airbrush
  • What is the Best Thickness of your Paint through the Airbrush
  • Using Stencils, Creating a Drawing
  • Selling and Marketing Your Art
  • Learn About Art History
  • Black and White as well as Intense Color Theories

Time Be Decisive and Your Moment to Feed Your Inner Artist is Now

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